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Blind Eye



Studio Directions

Show Duration: 1 hour


Andrew Martin as Michael Gallagher
Noel Franson as DS John Pearce
Written and Directed by Thom McKeown
Produced by Screenstage Studios


Blind Eye is set in 1979, in a CID Interview Room, Holbeck Station, West Yorkshire Police.

A young man, disheveled and grubby, following a night in the police cells, is seated at a table. He is approached by gruff Detective Sergeant John Pearce.

Pearce is about to interview the well-educated Rochdale-based Michael Gallagher, regarding a murder. The crime, Pearce believes, was racially-motivated, as the victim, Paul Dunleevy Phillips, was a 45 year old black male.

Gallagher is initially full of bravado – offering a detailed outline of his version of events leading to the demise of Phillips. Pearce, through unorthodox interrogation techniques, attempts to secure a confession – but both he and the audience will be wrong-footed - as Gallagher makes a profound and deeply shocking declaration later in the proceedings.

The play features extraordinarily powerful performances from both leads – and the narrative tackles issues which, regrettably, are still extremely relevant today.






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